Salsa Verde

(Green sauce) has a thicker, chunkier texture and is made with cilantro, and tomatillos, which are not little tomatoes, by the way. Tomatillos (grow in a husk) are pale green and are actually members of the gooseberry family!

Salsa Mexicana

(Also called pico de gallo in Centro Mexico) is a thick salsa made with chopped tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and lime. This is a zesty salsa.

Salsa de Guajillo

Simmered with Huajillo peppers garlic and other spices.

Crema de Chipotles

Sour cream dipping sauce made with chipotle chiles. It has a lovely hot and smoky flavour.


This old Mexican Saying is Absolutely True!

Tortillas come in all sorts of shapes, textures, and sizes. They may be crispy, soft, thick, thin, large, small, circular, wedged shaped—some even come in strips! These different forms of tortilla have names that might be familiar to you: taco, nacho, sope, tostada, burrito, corn chips—but they are all different versions of the tortilla.


It’s difficult to imagine a Mexican Table without salsa! Salsas are of course sauces, mild or hot. Our dishes are prepared mild unless specified by you. Make sure you get Hot Sauce on the side.

Salsa Roja

(Red sauce) is made with tomatoes, cilantro, onions, garlic. It has a soup-like consistency and is served in a bowl on the side with most of our dishes.