(desserts & hot drinks)

Mango Flambé
Freshly sliced mango flambéed with award winning Sortilège maple liqueur and topped with vanilla ice cream. 6.99

Caramel Flan

An authentic Mexican custard drizzled with fresh, homemade

caramel sauce and topped with

a dusted cinnamon sugar

tortilla spear.  6.49


Delicious Mexican pastry dusted with cinnamon sugar and
served with fresh caramel sauce.  5.99

Chocolate Abuelita
Abuelita Mexican chocolate melted in hot milk and served
with a cinnamon sugar tortilla spear.  3.25

Café Con Leche
Mexican coffee with steamed milk.   2.25

* Add a shot of your favourite dessert liqueur for only 3.99

(Sortilège, Sortilège Maple Cream, Baileys, Amaretto)